About IntegraShare Solutioneering

IntegraShare Solutioneering, Inc. was founded in 2008 to help organizations understand better how to manage complex business processes that are interdependent, interconnected, and interwoven.  Processes, good, bad, or ugly, are what underlie any organization that runs as a going concern.  If processes are not optimized, your organization can suffer.

IntegraShare’s founders, Gus and Ellen Nodwell, are passionate about helping organizations build realistic, workable strategies, based on setting goals, and metrics for achieving success.  If there is a need to understand the situation inside your organization, or your targets, we can help by conducting research to help you understand this with a greater level of insight than you have today.  We provide location market surveys as well, and partner with IntegraShare Dimensions, Inc. in using the latest, state of the art geospatial analytics available today.

Collectively, we have literally decades of global experience working in different verticals:  government, non-profit, education, and private businesses, from small local enterprises and organizations to very large global ones.

In addition to working as business analysts, we have a wealth of experience in information and data governance and management, and in geospatial strategy and architecture.  We have experience deploying these technologies in the cloud, and integrating technologies together to give people the best possible outcomes for doing business.

It is sometimes difficult to describe exactly what we do, but we would love to sit down and show you some possibilities.

We hope to have a conversation with you soon.  Please call us or email us today.